The Perfect Home… dream about it, plan for it, and base your life plans around finding it. But sometimes that perfect home might not exist. There are so many variables that go into choosing your home that it’s almost impossible to get all of them lined up. Think Price, Neighborhood, Room Sizes, Floor Plan, Yard, Garage….well, you understand I’m sure. That’s when the 80-10-10 Rule comes into play.

When house hunting I advise my clients to make two lists: one titled Needs and the other titled Wants. Then when looking at homes they try to find that near perfect place….the one with 80% of what they are needing, 10% that they can change and make their own, and the remaining 10% being things that they may not prefer but can absolutely live with.When all is said and done they’ll have a home that is 90% perfect for them, and that’s a pretty good number.