The experience with Mr Bertorello was a pleasant surprise from my expectations and usual experience with realtors. Usually I had used a realtor recommended by a friend, family member or had seen them advertised in some form. Gary had been a long time customer at a business of mine as have many other local realtors.Tried a local hot shot who had had a lot of recent success at selling properties. He was too busy and I think too lazy to list any of my properties, let alone work to sell them. Gary met with me, was straight up on everything from listing and selling. He was very helpful in showing me the realities of each of my properties selling and setting the proper prices on each. He sorted out the lookers from actual buyers and stayed in contact when we had an interested party. Was very surprised. The best thing though I think was how he protected my interests by doing ALL of the legal steps so I would have a buyer come back on me later. most every realtor I had dealt with in the past didn’t come close to the level of experience and hard work that an experienced professional like Gary Bertorello did for me. He sold two very different types of properties for me very quickly and I have two more properties list with him now. I want to sell these properties at the right price and think that he would do the best job for me. This is the first time in years that I have used a realtor for buying or selling properties and feel that not only was I protected, the properties sold at a good price but I think I had been leaving money on the table by selling my own properties and not getting their value. Not only would I use Gary again, I am using him right now for two more properties I have listed with him and have fired the amateur ( me)who was costing me money and taking risks that I wasn’t even aware of.Cliff H. Montrose, Colorado