Picking the wrong real estate agent could be expensive. Remember, the goal is to make money on your home – not lose it.

Hiring an agent should be treated like a job interview. Signing with a real estate agent is effectively hiring someone to perform a service and you’re the employer. Ask questions, interview more than one candidate and make a decision when you find the right person for the job.

  • Pay attention to how the agent listens, responds and follows up to your questions, requests and needs. When people complain about real estate agents one or more of those three are almost always at the center of the conversation.
  • Ask if the agent is full time. Check references. It takes more than a little personality and an ad on a billboard to make a good real estate agent. Dividing the workday between two jobs means that one or the other is going to suffer….and you don’t want it to be your sale.
  • Expect a large portion of marketing to be online. Print is not as effective as it once was and is much more expensive.Even though the agent is writing the check for the marketing it’s in your interest to help him get the most bang for his buck.

  • Picking a real estate agent based on promises of a higher sale price is risky. If an agent is making a higher estimate to try to tempt you to sign, that’s a warning signal. It does no good to overprice a home; buyers are savvy and most often pass on a property that they perceive as overpriced. If it doesn’t sell all those promises of bigger dollars amount to nothing but Monopoly money.
  • On the other hand choosing an agent who agrees to the lowest commission probably isn’t a smart decision, either. If he / she has to ‘buy’ your business you’re probably talking to a less experienced or struggling agent. And agents who will split the commission with the listing agent can see the commission amount and may be less inclined to show your property knowing they’ll get less reward for their work.

Go with who you trust. Your real estate agent will be privy to a good deal of personal and financial information about you, so only sign with the one you are confident will work with your best interests in mind.