I’m Gary Bertorello and I am the broker at Montrose Home and Land Company. We consistently receive inquiries from people who have left inquiries on the huge real estate websites…( you see their ads every day ) …and those unsuspecting souls are simply hoping for more information about a property they’ve found listed there.

What they don’t know is that they are suddenly going to be overwhelmed with calls and mail from multiple agents all banging on their digital doors at the same time….and when the confusion clears they find that often the property isn’t even suitable for one reason or another. That’s because the searches on the major websites provide very basic property information. At their best they can give you an approximate idea of what property is going to cost, a few selected photos, and a general idea of where it might be located. At their worst the information can be woefully incorrect and sometimes the property isn’t even available! What they lack is essentially the benefit of having one knowledgeable guide to help you cut through the noise and the clutter without making your head ring. That’s because they’re selling advertising, not real estate. And that’s where David beats Goliath.

Nearly every real estate brokerage maintains a feed to their MLS that is searchable by the public. Those feeds are updated daily and are often far more accurate than most of the big guys. Think driving in a strange city: would you rather have a gas station map or your GPS???

Doesn’t it make sense to go after the most accurate information? Wouldn’t it make sense to hire one knowledgeable guide that can help you pinpoint your perfect property without having your phone blow up?

We know the area, we know the neighborhoods, and we know what’s happening in the community. If you want to cut through the noise we are happy to offer our services and experience as your guide. We think you’ll find that in real estate Goliath isn’t all he’s cracked up to be.